Free mac lipstick with trade in

When returned to your local M. You won't be charged a single cent. The hardest part will be deciding whether you should stick to one of your go-to favorites.

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  • Here's How You Can Get Any MAC Lipstick You Want For Free.
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If you aren't able to make it to a store, you can send you six empty containers through the mail. Just print out a form through the company's online tool. Here, you'll pick your top three lipstick shade choices and provide your shipping address. If you're really ready to score a new free lipstick but you aren't sitting on a mountain of empties quite yet, this recycling program is the perfect excuse to channel your inner Mario Dedivanovic.

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Depot your favorite M. The hardest part will be deciding whether you should stick to one of your go-to favorites , anyone? I have some MAC containers that are almost at that point. Guess I will be going to the MAC store and trading them in for a lipstick and probably buying some other products while I'm at it!

Back to MAC Cosmetics Recycle Program- How does it work?

Nilda G. I have never participated in the Back To Mac program but i would love to! I have so many of their lipsticks and i should be done with some soon! I depot my lipsticks that I don't reach for too often to get empties quicker! Recently, I got Twig for free! Komal S. Tirsa R.

This is so grate hope too see if I have a Mac available for y'all. Jessica E. So many people overlook this, but I've been wearing this since nudes got popular in the late 's. Andrea D. I have never participated in the back-to-max program. Jennifer F. If you have the single eyeshadows in the pots, depot them and put them in a palette. Its a good way to accumulate empties quicker. Beatriz N. Lilah W. I'll finish off my Mac makeup and take advantage of this one.

Whitney W. This is great. Wasn't aware of this! I think I have 4. Megan G. This is true, however at the actual M. At the counters like at Nordstroms or Macys you can only get a free lipstick. There is a limit I believe you can only bring in up to 18 containers in exchange for three free products. Kristi G.

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Way to go MAC!! My favorite MAC shade is Brave! My favorite lipstick is of mac cosmetics the nude is mi favorite color. I love mac. Cassie R. I use the Back to MAC program all the time! They will even take de-potted eyeshadows, which is great! My all time favorite lipstick is "Blankety.

It works for completely! My favorite MAC colors are the pinks and nudes. Brianna A. I do not have any Mac makeup. But I would love to try some! Cindy Y. It definitely works! Although when returning eyeshadow singles make sure the container and everything in it is in tact - they won't accept it if it's been broken or cut.

2. Trade empty containers for FREE lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow.

I did this recently and got Persistence! That and Twig are probably tied for favorite MAC lipstick shade in my collection. Paula W. Maxi-Taylor M. I've never had a MAC lipstick and this would be a great way to try some!: Juliana B. Sol S. Lateshia S.

Here's How You Can Get Any MAC Lipstick You Want For Free

Wow I never knew this. Thank you for the information. Yolanda G. I knew that but i never tried cos i dont have a store behind my city. Jehonna M.

Mac Cosmetics gives you free makeup when you recycle old products by the way | Metro News

Yes this is true! How awesome is that?? Sara S. Geri Liz L. Yes, I have! You can take any 6 makeup containers and get a lipstick or eyeshadow free!

Samantha A. What a great way to be rewarded for using a product that we all already love!

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  • The Back To MAC Recycling Program Rewards Customers With Free Lipstick!
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  • Get Free M.A.C. Lipstick With This Recycling Program;

Way to be a supporter of your clients MAC! Luis P. Marta M. Greicy B. I love that they do this trade in program! I have never taken advantage of it but I think it's a great idea. Mysty B. I didn't know they did that! There something about a red lipstick. It's my favorite.

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Bethany P. Love it a lot!! Mahvesh M. Alisha M. Desiree B. This also works at most locations with depotted eyeshadows. Just take in your empty eyeshadow containers and most workers don't even blink an eye. Also if you go to stand alone store you have the choice between a lipglass, eyeshadow or lipstick. Richelle C.

Jill M.

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