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The man of sin has to be revealed. Both of these events have now taken place. There is really only one reason why God is allowing this man to have the success that he is in his race for the White House. So the prophecies can and must be fulfilled.

Gay: what would God say? Part 1. The Old Testament texts

There is no other reason that readily comes to mind where anyone in the right mind would even consider this arrogant, women hating, man who is quite clearly suffering with egomania for the highest office in the world other than for the reason mentioned above. That fact alone tells us that the Shroud is not a manmade relic. There is just something quite out of the ordinary about the Shroud that tells me that what we are looking at is not just the work of men. But that it is indeed the true and correct image of how Christ would have looked when he walked the earth.

However, the clincher came when it was determined there was real human blood on the Shroud that could have only resulted from of a virgin birth. The old saying goes that Christ and the Antichrist will be dead ringers of each other. Identical twins. Take a look at Donald Trump when he was younger and at about the same age as the man portrayed on the Shroud. Even though there is no doubting there is a slight variation in the physical appearances of each man, there is still something there in the Shroud that bears and uncanny resemblance to Trump.

That long thin face and nose that both men have and the small mouth that both the Shroud and Trump depict. Could God have chosen to leave the Shroud behind as a kind of photograph so that we would know not just what Christ looked like when he walked the earth, but what the Antichrist looked like as well? However even though the Shroud is of considerable interest, mainly to Roman Catholics who quite commonly engage in all sorts of idolatry and image worship, we still should not stand in awe and bow down to something that is really only still just a piece of cloth at the end of the day.


Instead, we should worship Christ himself and not the Shroud of Turin. There are times when we all make the mistake of believing something, or some system of belief, is genuine just because it suites us to think that is so. The reason why I make this statement is because there is something there in the earlier images of Donald Trump on Utube that perhaps no one has ever seen before.

Accordingly, this could just be me jumping at shadows thinking that I am seeing something that is not even there to begin with. It is not really all that noticeable in a close up. Then again, if one was to zoom out slightly it is quite clear, to me at least, that what I am seeing is a one eyed Donald Trump. Remember, Satan has only one eye and that his representative here on the earth, the Antichrist, must also be one-eyed according to Scripture.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you see the same thing that I do or is this just simply another case of something that is a figment of an imagination that sometimes sees visions that may, or may not, even be there to begin with.

06x01 - Mac Fights Gay Marriage - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Transcripts - Forever Dreaming

I am not schizophrenic, seeing something that is not there. But then, I have a younger brother who is, and requires monthly medication for his problems. However, those facts are really neither here nor there. The name of Donald literally means saviour.

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Instead, he had a terrible illness called alcoholism that absolutely decimated the whole family while we were growing up. I am not even sure if he died as a Christian or not. However, I am glad to say that my mother was a Born Again Christian before she died about three to four years ago.

I am not too sure about my father though, as there were certainly some doubts as to his salvation most of the time while he was alive. Please note: There is also another well-known trait of the Antichrist Trump has displayed in this video. The Antichrist is said to show favour those who support him and trash those who do not. Watch the video to see what I am referring to. Hello again Robert, sorry for the delay here, better late than never. Thank you for sharing it.

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As for the Shroud, I find it an interesting topic, but have never studied it beyond a typical episode on the History channel. Just for starters, what we are really looking for from Trump is for him to sign the covenant of Daniel, or something else along similar lines. However, the real clincher is going to come when he moves into the newly built temple in Jerusalem, and from there proclaims himself as God reincarnate here on earth. Trump is a great builder. For some time now he has been talking of building a wall between Mexico and the US to keep the illegal immigrates out.

He favours Israel, so what if he were to finance and build the third temple in Jerusalem himself. It is all hypothetical, but if he has the money to build the wall, then he certainly has the money to build the temple. Take the example of Daniel Chapter 11 Verse From the King James Version of the Bible we read 37 neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

Evangelical and affirming: developments beyond Scripture?

Instead we will concentrate on just one part in relation to Donald Trump. But it is more likely that this man will be so arrogant and self-absorbed that nothing and no one can deter him from loving himself above all else. He will, much like Adolf Hitler, consider himself far too important to give much regard to women, especially one women. Does that sound like anyone you know?

As we know Trump has been divorced twice. Both of these events treat the women involved as models, or objects, something to be looked at and admired. Nothing more than that. Now here are some notable Trump quotes with regard to women. The smart ones act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers. I have seen women manipulate men with just a twitch of their eye — or perhaps another body part.

mac fights gay

Now that your appetite has been wet for more take a look at this one as another good example. Tell that bitch to be cool. Silent women are the best women? Trump sees women as simply just items.

His own daughters may be on a different level though. As for the rest though, he no interest at all in knowing what they are really thinking and what their desires are. Hey Robert, I absolutely agree with you on this topic. Many people believe those verses to indicate that he will be a homosexual; however, I believe you are on the right track here brother!

There are two beasts who rule the final world. Both are as bad as each other. The first beast is the Antichrist while the second beast is the False Prophet. There is not a great deal mentioned in the scriptures about the False Prophet. What we do know about the False Prophet is that he gives his authority over to the Antichrist. In other words he backs the Antichrist. Revelation chapter 17 speaks of the world religion or the Whore of Babylon and of the Antichrist himself. The world religion will be based in Rome.

However that does not necessarily mean the Pope is the False Prophet. But only that this Pope, or the next Pope, could be the head of the prostitute system. It will be Putin who will hand aid and assist Donald Trump once he is elected and together these two will rule the final world system.

A Russia and American alliance will simply be unbeastable. Pardon the pun. Think now for one second how Putin came into power in the first place. He was never elected in the first place. Instead, he was simply appointed by his predecessor, Boris Yelston who was drunk most of the time on vodka anyway.

The confusion with a lot of people is that they see the seven heads of the world religion and then correctly associate that with Rome, and then label the Pope as the False Prophet. Donald Trump has already had words with the Pope.